Prandelli Interested In Totti Alongside Balotelli

by Niccolo Conte on September 29, 2010 · 4 comments

Cesare Prandelli has revitalized the Azzurri. He won the first two qualifiers of the European Championships of 2012, and he looks ready to win even more. While Italy only faced Estonia and the Faroe Islands, the two wins were important nonetheless. And now, as Prandelli looks to call up another set of Italians to face Northern Ireland and Serbia in the next two qualifiers, he's thrown in some new names.

The ex-Fiorentina coach has revealed that among the players he is looking at, there's the Roma captain Francesco Totti. At 34 years-old, the experienced forward won the 2006 World Cup under Lippi, and Prandelli is looking to bring back the Totti-Cassano partnership. Here's what the coach said regarding Totti:

We are looking for quality, and Totti has shown to have the technical qualities, but also great personality. The idea to see Totti and Cassano together in the national team together is a specific desire. There was talk about friendship, the relationship that exists between the two: we want to create a chance which would be an example for kids to come watch the match.

So it's very possible that you'll see Totti and Cassano playing together against Northern Ireland, or Serbia. But Prandelli hasn't forgotten about his other star striker, Mario Balotelli. In fact, the coach is very eager to restart using the Manchester City forward. Prandelli here commenting about Mario:

I miss him, because I really have the desire and intention to try an attack with players of his caliber. He presented himself wonderfully in the national team, and I wish him now only to recover from his injury the best he can.

After these comments, could we be seeing a front three of Cassano, Totti, and Balotelli? The best way that trident would work would be to have Cassano and Totti both playing right behind Balotelli. But for now, Balotelli is injured, and his return is set around November or December, depending how the recovery goes.

Prandelli also commented on the general state of the Italian national team, and where he wants to take them in the future:

My national team is one which is growing little by little. Our intention is to have youngsters grow, and I'm convinced that we'll find some soon of quality. I don't know when we'll realize this project of mine. At the moment, we're thinking about unifying the two things: playing good games and reaching the objective of qualification.

Prandelli will be revealing his squad on Sunday, October 3rd. This squad will face Northern Ireland away from home, and then Serbia in Italy, both matches which have the potential to be difficult. So lets hope that Prandelli knows what he's doing regarding Totti, and we might see the Azzurri grab another pair of wins.

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1 Christian Ceccarelli September 30, 2010 at 5:40 pm

Ciao Niccolo

I’d like to know what you think of Totti personaly, with all the history that he’s had (good and bad).
He was injury proned for a long time and didn’t see much action, although his return has been impressive, do you not think it too early to call it just yet? I’m also concerned with the negative ties he had with our beloved Azzurri under Lippis last reign ( . . sure you know the rumours . .?! )
I’m concerned that he may not have the same drive and energy our “young guns” have shown, afterall, he has already won the cup before . . .

Although I’m not a fan of Roma at all, I have great respect for Totti. If he has the drive, energy, skill and fitness( . . .100% fit!) then no doubt he should have a role. The last WC boasted teams full of youth with some amaizing talent, can the 34 year old with little pace really keep up? . . . with Cassano and Balloteli?!! . . . or could we be waisting the opportunity to develop a youngster . . .

Big fan of this site and its contributors!
Laters . . .


2 Niccolo Conte September 30, 2010 at 11:11 pm

Well, I think that for now Totti isn’t a bad inclusion in the team. But picking him can’t be considered an inclusion for the future. As a player, he’s intelligent, creative, a leader, and is full of experience. But he’s also one of the most rash and idiotic men in Italy (in my opinion).

I think if Prandelli picks him, he’ll be great for about 40 minutes. He’ll be an impact sub which injects a bit of footwork, smart passing, and a general offensive threat.

I think Totti can be used now because we are missing Balotelli due to injury, and other players like Macheda aren’t at the top level yet. But I don’t want Lippi to rely on him in the future, or else it’ll just be a repeat of South Africa.

Thanks very much for the praise and the comment.


3 David H October 1, 2010 at 6:52 pm

Does anyone really believe there’s a chance in hell of Totti agreeing to play for Italy? He can hardly play 90′ once a week, much less 60+ or whatever in 4 days. While he might be good to have on the bench as a super-sub, from Totti’s point of view I think it’s a complete waste of his time.

Surely Prandelli has some capable younger players who need the experience. Not to mention the message it sends to those younger players that he’d rather have a 34-year-old making a cameo appearance than show some confidence in the next generation.

And as a devout Roma supporter and Totti worshiper, I want him to save himself for Serie A.


4 Ewan Smith October 3, 2010 at 11:48 am

In my opinion Totti is an absolute god in football, not only worshipped by the Roma fans, but respected as a great talent throughout the world. However, I have to agree with David H that Totti doesn’t have the stamina he once had and on a selfish level I would rather see him putting his efforts and influence into helping Roma, especially in the position they are in just now (but as a non Italian I cant argue too much). I also think that if Prandelli thinks the Totti and Cassano could recreate the great partnership they had at Roma, then he is dreaming!

Scotlands No.1 Member of the Giallorossi


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