Ronaldinho and Balotelli to leave Serie A?

by Niccolo Conte on July 13, 2010 · 6 comments

Two mas­sive stars in the Serie A could leave Italy this sum­mer, Ronald­inho and Balotelli may not be the best play­ers in the world, but they’re impor­tant for the league and it’s sta­tus. While Ronald­inho is 30 years old, he’s still got the magic, he still cre­ates won­der­ful assists and is slowly scor­ing more goals for AC Milan. Balotelli on the other hand is the future of Ital­ian foot­ball, a young Ital­ian who is pow­er­ful, fast, and has flair and tech­nique, a player with charisma and atti­tude who wants to be the best. If the Serie A were to lose these two play­ers it loses two impor­tant pieces in its future, mar­ket­ing, and flair.

There was a time when Ronald­inho was the player which lit up smiles on peo­ples faces, a player who played with joy and pas­sion, full of skill and grace in his indi­vid­ual demol­ish­ment of teams. Back in his Barcelona days he sin­gle­hand­edly spanked Real Madrid 3–0 with two fan­tas­tic goals. Ronald­inho still rep­re­sents the joy and love for soc­cer, and when some­one hears that a game has Ronald­inho in it, even if they’re not a soc­cer fan, they’ll prob­a­bly watch it. Ronald­inho is an icon which draws peo­ple to the beau­ti­ful game, and hope­fully to the Serie A, unless he were to leave.

Recently there’s been whis­pers that Ronald­inho wants to leave to return back to Brazil, he doesn’t want the MLS or another Euro­pean team, he would only want to trans­fer back to his home-country. Fla­mengo would be the most prob­a­ble club that Ronald­inho would go to, they just won the Brazil­ian cham­pi­onship, and after say­ing good-bye to Adri­ano who’s at Roma, they’re look­ing for a big name to keep the tro­phies com­ing. The pres­i­dent of Fla­mengo, Patri­cia Amorim has stated that Ronald­inho told her that he wants to join the Brazil­ian cham­pi­ons, and there’s even been talk of a ver­bal agree­ment between the player and the club. To pay Ronaldinho’s wages Fla­mengo would have to do what San­tos did with Robinho, who have spon­sors help pay the wages, and appar­ently there’s already a spon­sor ready to pay Ronaldinho’s 10 mil­lion dol­lar a year contract.

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Balotelli’s sit­u­a­tion is a bit dif­fer­ent, being a much younger player, plenty of clubs see him as a future Ronaldo, because of their sim­i­lar­ity in physique and skills. The two main pur­suers of Balotelli are Man­ches­ter United and Man­ches­ter City, and appar­ently the red half of Man­ches­ter are closer to the Italian’s sig­na­ture. Real Madrid have sur­pris­ingly decided to pur­sue Balotelli also, Flo­rentino Perez has appar­ently given Jose Mour­inho a “U-23s only” pol­icy for the sign­ings, and so the Por­tuguese coach seems to have put Balotelli on his wish­list. Inter Milan would be receiv­ing around 35–40 mil­lion Euros for Balotelli, but I can’t see how that would be enough for a player with so much potential.

Inter Milan have been crit­i­cized for their lack of Ital­ians, so why give away prob­a­bly the most promis­ing young Ital­ian player to your main com­peti­tors in Euro­pean com­pe­ti­tion? Of course it’s use­less to try and keep a player who wants to leave, but Balotelli has stated that he wants to con­tinue to win tro­phies with Inter, and he has never said that he wants to leave. While 35 mil­lion Euros are very use­ful in this eco­nomic cri­sis, if Inter wait a cou­ple of years, they could have a player worth maybe dou­ble that amount, if not more. Sell­ing him seems the worst deci­sion pos­si­ble to me and I’d like to know what you think in the com­ments below.

So next sea­son the Serie A could lose two of its most tal­ented play­ers, a move which I think won’t help any­one in Italy, club or league. Share your thoughts on these two play­ers below by commenting!

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1 Robert July 14, 2010 at 3:52 pm

The lack of outrage or surprise in these comments is telling - I don’t think Serie A fans think they will miss either of these players!!


2 Rami S. July 14, 2010 at 8:09 pm

Ronaldinho might be staying as Milan are desperate to offload Huntelaar. They’re looking for buyers so they can sell him and then use the money to sign Podolski.
If Ronaldinho and Huntelaar are gone, the Podolski and Ibrahimovic are being considered.


3 Niccolo July 15, 2010 at 11:57 am

Yep Robert, the reaction among AC Milan fans is that they’re realizing that they probably don’t need Ronaldinho anymore, and among Inter Milan fans it’s that maybe Balotelli is too much hassle, and he’s not even needed with Eto’o and Milito. But I certainly will miss both of these players if they leave…

And Rami, who will buy Huntelaar?I don’t think there’s a club willing to spend anything on him considering his recent bad form. But I feel very bad for him because he was never really given many chances, always put on as a late sub, or given little playing time. And AC Milan don’t have the money for Ibrahimovic, unless they offload more than just Ronaldinho and Huntelaar. I don’t know what to think about Podolski, terrible club season, great World Cup, a risk worth taking?


4 Rami S. July 15, 2010 at 3:34 pm

If I am owner or manager at a club, I certainly wouldn’t spend anything on Huntelaar but it seems there is interest from EPL clubs!

He’s failed with Milan, failed with Real Madrid but has just the success of the Dutch league to back him. I dont think he’d succeed in England but let’s see if some club buys him.

As for Ronaldinho, it’s looking like Milan will keep him. Who knows, there’s time still. Podolski might work for Milan.


5 Robert July 15, 2010 at 1:11 pm

The problem with Huntelaar is not only that he failed to distinguish himself during the season, but was non-existent during the World Cup, which could have raised his value. But some clubs are always looking for a big name - maybe a Chelsea or Bundesliga club would take him in hopes that he can still be an impact player.

And I agree Niccolo, I will miss Balotelli as well. But it looks like his situation has disintegrated to the point where he just can’t stay in Milan and needs a change of scenery to reach his potential. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like a Serie A club can or wants to pay for him, so it’s off to England.


6 replacement laptop battery July 20, 2010 at 6:49 am

I like Ronaldinho!!!


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