Inter Outdone by Phenomenal Barcelona

by Niccolo Conte on November 25, 2009 · 0 comments

Eto'o tries to hold back the tears

What seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the lead in Group F turned out to be a moment of dawning for the Nerazzurri. It seemed like it was the perfect opportunity to overpower a weakened Barcelona, but now it seems plain that Inter is not in the top tier of European football.

The Nerazzurri had everything set up for them, Barcelona was missing large parts of their defense because of sickness, and their key strikers Messi and Ibrahimovic due to injury. Inter needed a simple win, and Barcelona could have been forced down to second, or even the Europa League, but Inter Milan couldn’t do it. Inter Milan met a hardworking Barcelona, determined to win through teamwork even if they were missing key components to the squad. This isn’t the first time we see Inter Milan fail to capitalize on the European stage, but why are Inter Milan so bleak when playing in the Champions League, when we have seen them be spectacular in Serie A? The answer is the mentality, Inter Milan are scared, they don’t want to try and pressure the opponent and play attacking football, they are too scared. Because of this they play a defensive, bland,  and uninviting style which rarely wins matches by the glamorous score-lines that other teams win by. Another problem with Inter’s mentality is the lack of humility, Rubin Kazan, Dinamo Kiev, and many other teams are humble, and therefore we see them prosper against reigning European Champions and Italian Champions.  Inter Milan went into the Barcelona match thinking that it was going to be a simple win, and they would breeze past the spanish giants. Barcelona instead went into the match with humility, playing a beautiful attacking game which caused Inter Milan to crumble to their feet.

Inter Milan have great talent in the squad, players that are worth millions that are not reaching their full potential, Inter Milan need to change their mentality, and if they don’t, they could easily be knocked out by Rubin Kazan next match. Mourinho was brought in to win the Champions League, and right now, it looks like we have no chance, maybe Jose Mourinho isn’t the man for the job.

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