Cagliari And Genoa’s New Coaches Will Be Tested

by Niccolo Conte on November 19, 2010 · 3 comments

In this pre­view of the upcom­ing Serie A matches, I’ll be look­ing at the inter­est­ing matches, and the two teams which recently got new coaches, Genoa and Cagliari. Regard­ing Italy’s game against Roma­nia, I was unable to watch it, and there­fore I didn’t write a match report. The match fin­ished 1–1, with Mar­ica scor­ing against the Azzurri, and then scor­ing an own goal off of Quagliarella’s flick from a corner.

But back to the Serie A, while last week­end was filled with big clashes like the Milan derby, and Juven­tus — Roma, this week still has some inter­est­ing fixtures.

Roma are host­ing Udi­nese at the Sta­dio Olimpico, and after a ter­ri­ble start from Giudolin’s side, they’ve really picked it up, espe­cially after their 4–0 win against Lecce last week. Di Natale looked fan­tas­tic as he scored a hat-trick, and the entire side was play­ing very well. Roma on the other hand, drew against Juven­tus 1–1, a good result, but they’ll still want to make sure that they can win this week­end against  Udi­nese, and assert them­selves as scud­etto contenders.

Juven­tus are trav­el­ling away to Genoa, where Gasperini was sacked and replaced with Bal­lar­dini. A vet­eran coach in Italy, Bal­lar­dini has coached the likes of Palermo, Cagliari, and Lazio, this appoint­ment is his biggest yet. Last week­end he got the side to grind out a 1–0 win away against Cagliari, with Ranoc­chia scor­ing a late header from a cor­ner in the 84th minute. But things will have to be dif­fer­ent when the rossoblu face Juven­tus at home.

While Gasperini is one of my favorite coaches who loves attack­ing foot­ball, Bal­lar­dini is another great coach in my opin­ion. With­out a doubt he’ll orga­nize Genoa, but whether he can man­age to defeat Juven­tus, we’ll see. How do you think he’ll do? Make sure to share your opin­ion by com­ment­ing below!

Pier­paolo Bisoli also lost his job as Cagliari coach recently, and the man who has replaced him at Cagliari’s helm is Roberto Don­adoni. With his side just out of the rel­e­ga­tion zone, Don­adoni will have to start well by win­ning away against Bres­cia. A very impor­tant match con­sid­er­ing the two sides are tied on points, and goal dif­fer­ence seper­ates them with Cagliari 17th in the table and Bres­cia 18th.

I’m not sure how Don­adoni will do, and I have always been slightly doubt­ful of his man­age­r­ial abil­i­ties. While he might be a great tac­ti­cian, I don’t think that he’s able to moti­vate his play­ers prop­erly, which was notice­able when he was Italy’s head coach for the Euro­pean Cham­pi­onships of 2008. How do you rate Don­adoni? Is he under­es­ti­mated by the gen­eral pub­lic? And how do you think he’ll do, com­ment below!

And a coach who’s being eval­u­ated right now is Rafa Ben­itez. The Spaniard appar­ently has two matches to show that he deserves to remain as Inter’s coach, away at Chievo this week­end and at home against Twente in the Cham­pi­ons League. But the coach will have to do this with­out his Brazil­ian star­let Philippe Coutinho, who has pulled his ham­string and will be out for about two to three weeks. While I think that Ben­itez will sur­vive and man­age to grind out two wins, the fact that yet another Inter player has fallen to injury is concerning.

What do you think about this weekend’s upcom­ing action? Share your thoughts by com­ment­ing below!

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1 David H November 20, 2010 at 2:33 am

Everyone wants to pile on Benitez, but he’s not responsible for the injuries, which have been his main, possibly his only, problem, since everything else stems from that. I think most of the criticism aimed at him is either from those who didn’t like what he did with Liverpool, & those who want to laugh at him because he can’t equal Mourinho.

I find it almost impossible to read a balanced view of him. Everyone says “sure, he’s had injuries, but he’s still doing a horrible job.” How can he do his job with a thin squad Moratti wouldn’t add to? Moratti didn’t mind spending for Mourinho, but he’s handicapped his new coach, and may now be looking for a reason to sack him, while his replacement may be set up to do well since many of his injured players will be returning! Only in Italy.


2 Niccolo Conte November 20, 2010 at 11:22 pm

Well David, while I don’t think he’s done a horrible job, I think he plays a very negative style of football. Inter create few chances, and this myth of “Spanish possession” is actually the backline passing it around in front of their keeper. I think Benitez’s side will need to score more goals and play more attacking football if he wants to get more recognition.

Do you agree?


3 Rami S. November 21, 2010 at 2:52 am

The difference here is Mourinho is a master motivator and a great manipulator with great skills at granting his squad the psychological advantage even before some games have started! Benitez does not have the same ability.

Now, the Nerazzurri have suffered from injuries but as I’ve said countless times before Juve’s luckiest or best summer move was actually not having Benitez on the bench. I just don’t think he’s suited for Serie A.


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