Amauri Does The Right Thing- Let The Big Boys Fight It Out

by Juan Arango on February 2, 2009

Juventus forward Amauri is handling things the best way he can, similar to me when I was being fought over by the US and Colombia to play in 1998.  I can understand his situation.  For me it was a stressful situation, but I settled the situation as best as possible- I woke up.

Amauri got his chance with Brazil, good for him.  Hey, so what if it took an injury to make that happen. He got his chance and he should shine. If there is a player that deserves it is him.  If you were to look at the verdeamarelha roster, he would be the man that would inspire the most fear in that lineup.  With all of that in mind, Juventus will have to take care of their big off-season acquisition.  This is why they exercised their option to block his debut with the Brazilians on February 10th against- you guessed it- Italy.

Here is some food for thought, would Juve do if Luca Toni, Alessandro Del Piero, Alberto Gilardino, Vincenzo Iaquinta, or even Giuseppe Rossi… if any of those players suffered an injury like Luis Fabiano’s- would they deny Amauri the chance to the azzurri… just food for thought!

It is just a combination of a bunch of things.  He just happens to be yet another example the mess that is the club vs. country controversy is.  There are no guarantees, there are no security blankets for players… they are the ones that have to put their bodies at risk.

Then he is a victim of Dunga’s hardheadedness and desperation.  Let’s be honest, Dunga needed him earlier and refused his services and never called him up.  Is there a forward in Brazil better than Amauri right now?  If anyone says Keirrison I will slit my wrist!    What about Jo?

Robinho?  His escapades and court troubles could hurt Brazil’s pretensions if anything materializes from the latter.

I can’t remember a time when there are no prominent Brazilian strikers  in the game.  I mean there hasn’t been a moment in history when there hasn’t been one.  A

So right now all he can do is just let the big boys fight it out, they will both benefit in the end.  His moment wil come now quicker than ever.  If there are signs that point to anything, it’s that he will most likely wear the canarinha when it countsThe five-time world champions are in the middle of a dogfight in the CONMEBOL quallies and Amauri would be a welcome scoring option (no pressure).    At that moment, he will be the man that will be looked at as their ticket to South Africa.

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