Serie A Team Of The Week - Week 21 & 22

by George Metellus on February 4, 2009

Another edition of Serie A Team Of The Week and 1st off may I say congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers on winning their 6th Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLIII was a good game with big plays and drama right to the end. Its great when championship games have so much drama. This is however a FOOTBALL blog. Real football played with the feet and Serie A squeezed 2 Giornatas of Calcio into one calendar week. Therefore, the Team Of The Week worked hard to earn the honor. This week’s TOW made headlines and or played matches during the calendar week of January 26th - February 1st.

The winner is:

Cagliari Calcio

The side based on the island of Sardinia has won 4 straight matches and joined Fiorentina as the only teams to win both of their matches this week. Cagliari gets the TOW over Fiorentina because of their stunning 3-2 road victory over Juventus. Goals from Davide Biondini, Jeda, and Alessandro Matri gave Cagliari the 3 points to add on to the 3 points they earned on Wednesday with a 1-0 win over Siena. The Sardinians are unbeaten in 2009 and over the last 3 matches they have scored a Barcelona-like 8 goals with Brazilian forward Jeda & Inter loanee Robert Acquafresca leading the way with a combined 17 goals on the season. In two weeks, they have a big game against Milan and with favorable matches against Atalanta & Lecce before then, the Sardinian side could be in an excellent position to qualify for a UEFA competition next season. For their exploits, Cagliari Calcio is the Week 21 & 22 Serie A Team Of The Week

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